This program supports our American Heroes by assisting them to draw upon their own strengths and to develop healthy coping mechanisms while they grieve their losses in their own unique ways. 

Program starts on a Thursday evening and runs through Sunday afternoon. The program as well as all food and lodging is at NO COST to those who have honorably served our county keeping us safe, secure and free.  

For Thousands of years civilizations have supported their warriors with...

time honored wisdom, traditions and ceremonies to help them reintegrate into society after they have returned from war. Modern society has lost touch with the importance of transitioning the warrior from the battlefield so that they can return home and move toward living a happy and meaningful life.

In this program we will begin by assisting the Warrior to understand their own unique personality traits and how these influence their everyday life without even being aware of them. Then we will provide guidance, tools and techniques, allowing the Forever A Warrior, to leave behind the battlefield and adapt to a life without feeling the need to still be on duty. We will be dispelling the myths of grief and to move through warrior grief on a new battlefield addressing the war within. We will educate the warrior on how to make sense of the tragedies faced and how to create satisfying relationships outside of the brother- sisterhood. We believe that when this retreat has concluded the Forever A Warrior will be filled with optimism for a rich and fulfilling life while at the same time, being able to tend to their wounded soul.